Jeffree Star Pomeranians

Drama, Diva, Delicious, Da Vinci, Dominatrix and Dessert

Morphe Sends Dominatrix and Dessert Puppy Gifts

On Saturday, April 25th, 2020 Jeffree Star uploaded a video to Snapchat showing the puppy gift basket Morphe sent Dominatrix and Dessert. The video has the four older Pomeranians fighting for the “fast food” squeaky toys. Listen to Delicious growl and get mad. Da Vinci and Delicious actually get in a fight at one point and Jeffree Star has to break them up. Dominatrix does not make an appearance this video but Dessert does. Here is the full video:

What Type of Dogs Does Jeffree Star Have?

All six of Jeffree Star’s dogs are Pomeranians. Fun fact – Jeffree Star always said six (6) would be the maximum number of Pomeranians he would have at one time.

What Are Jeffree Star’s Dog’s Names?

Diva – Diva is Jeffree Star’s oldest Pomeranian. Diva is 11 years old as of April 2020. Diva is a tan Pomeranian. Truth be told, some would think Diva is a cross bread between a Pomeranian and a Papillon because he does not have the super fluffy face and coat. He is a full Pomeranian just like Drama, Delicious, Da Vinci, Dominatrix and Dessert. As Pomeranians age, they do not maintain their full coat nearly as well as the younger dogs.

Fun fact – Jeffree Star had Diva and Diamond before he met Nate.

Drama – Drama was born of October 31st, 2017.  His Halloween baby. She is a tan Pomeranian like Diva. Drama also has the most “fluffy” and full coat of hair of all the Jeffree Star Pomeranians. Drama Lynn!

Delicious – Delicious is the only pure black Pomeranian in the Star family. As with most black Pomeranians, Delicious has some white on his chest, nose and feet. Pomeranian owners call this “wearing a suit”. He is very close to “pure black’ though. Expect to see more white come out on his snout as he ages. Delicious can be very emotional and will often get in fights with Da Vinci.

Delicious has his own lipstick shade in the Jeffree Star Collection that can be seen here.

Da Vinci – Da Vinci is definitely the strongest personality of the Star dog family. Da Vinci “Vinci” was born in September 2018. He is also the Pomeranian that does a handstand when he is peeing on the grass. While some would claim Delicious is the most hyper, there is no Jeffree Star pom more hyper and energetic than Da Vinci. Yaaaaas Vinci!

Fun fact – Jeffree and Nate changed Da Vinci’s name because of his personality. After they got Da Vinci, the original name(s) didn’t fit.

Dominatrix – Dominatrix is one of the two newest additions to the Jeffree Star Pomeranians with Dessert. In April 2020, Jeffree Star brought Dominatrix and Dessert home. Dominatrix is the lighter brown with the dark (almost black) snout. This is called a wolf sable Pomeranian. It looks like Dominatrix will also have white back feet. Jeffree has also stated that Dominatrix looks exactly like Daddy did as a baby. He has already nicknamed her “Dommy” said like Mommy with a D. It makes sense since Dommy looks just like Daddy.

Note – As of April 2020, Nate and Jeffree Star are not together so these are the first two Pomeranians that do not have two daddies in quite some time.

Dessert – Dessert is one of the two newest additions (April 2020) to the Jeffree Star Pomeranians with Dominatrix. Dessert is the puppy that looks like a little bear. He is brown and fluffy. It looks as if he will grow up to be the only fully brown member of the Jeffree Star Pomeranian family. We will likely hear Jeffree Star call Dessert his “little bear”. Fun fact – Jeffree Star has already nicknamed Dessert “Zerty” or “Serty”.

Jeffree Star’s Past Pomeranians:

Daddy – Daddy was a wolf sable Pomeranian that looked very similar to Dominatrix. Daddy passed away in October 2019. It broke Jeffree Star’s heart.

Diamond – Diamond was one of Jeffree Star’s first Pomeranians and his only all white Pomeranian. Jeffree Star announced that Diamond passed away in June 2019 at nine years of age. Diamond also has her own lipstick shade in The Star Family Collection.

Why Does Jeffree Star Use “Lynn” as the Last Name of His Dogs?

You will often hear Jeffree Star saying “Drama Lynn” or using Lynn as the last name of his Pomeranians. Why does he do this? Jeffree Star was born “Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr.” This is why his dogs get the middle or last name Lynn.

Why Does Da Vinci Do a Handstand?

Da Vinci is well known to do handstands when he goes out to pee in the grass in Jeffree Star’s backyard. Why does he do this? Anyone that has owned Pomeranians knows they hate to get the hair on their stomach or tummy’s wet. The especially hate going out to pee or poop after it has been raining. You will notice that Da Vinci does the handstand to pee after it has been raining or the grass is wet.

Will Jeffree Star Create a Palette with His Dog’s Names?

It would be shocking if Jeffree Star did not create some type of makeup palette related to the dog’s names. There will be some type of Jeffree Star merch related to the Pom’s names in the near future. Yaaaaaaas! Diamond and Delicious have their own lipstick shades.